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Learning Teaching Training Activities in Digital Learning and Cyber Performance - LTTA2 (Feb 25-29, 2024)


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Date: Feb 25-29, 2024

Place: Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Red Room, Black Room, Seminar Room

LTTA2 in Malmö focus on new learning strategies and methods in digital learning for music students in higher musical education (HME), such as innovative IT models, cyber and distance performance techniques and strategies. The program consists of lectures, workshops, performances and seminars with international researchers, teachers and stage performance artists from the participating music academies.


Malmö Academy of Music (arranging team: Dragan Buvaç, Peter Spišský, Sara Wilén, teachers and researchers)

Students, teachers and researchers from the music academies included in the MUSense project :

  • Conservatorio di Musica Alessandro Scarlatti, Palermo
  • Ionian University, Corfu
  • Koninklijk Conservatoire, Brussels
  • Malmö Academy of Music, Malmö
  • Yasar University, Izmir

More information may be found at the Inter Arts Center Website

Coordinating Institution:
Conservatorio di Musica Alessandro Scarlatti di Palermo
Address: Via Squarcialupo, 45, 90133 Palermo, IT
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